11 February 2008

8598th most popular website in the world and growing fast!


Quantcast says:

Spock.com is a top 10,000 site that reaches over 300K U.S. monthly uniques. The site attracts a more educated, primarily older, fairly wealthy, more male group.The typical visitor reads celebritywonder.com and visits allmoviephoto.com.


Roger the Cabin Boy said...

Is people search a "network effect" worth owning as asked by
http://radar.oreilly.com/archives/2008/02/microsoft_buy_yahoo.html ?

"The other important characteristic of the winners, of course, is that they tap into a data stream that really matters. Owning network effects around consumer photos, for instance, is much less powerful than owning network effects around paid search. So one of the key questions we have to ask ourselves going forward is this: what are the major data subsystems of the future Internet Operating System. Location, identity (and social graph), search (and not just web search but also product search, in which Amazon has a very strong position) come to mind. In a lot of ways, finding the data associated with the old vectors who, what, when, where, and how is a good place to start.


Seaman Staines said...


Take a look at