29 February 2008

Print Ads 2D Barcodes

Print Ads Barcodes says "Google believes that technology can revolutionize traditional print advertising and make it even more useful for readers. This fits with our commitment to making advertising as useful as possible for the end user.
Recently, you may have seen newspaper ads for jewelry retailer Blue Nile placed through the Google Print Ads platform. These particular ads include a Google footer with multiple response mechanisms: URL, search terms, phone number, coupon code, SMS code, and 2D barcode. This test is part of our efforts to make print advertising more useful for readers and more measurable for advertisers. 2D barcodes are an especially exciting part of this because they allow readers to "click" on interesting print ads with their cellphones and seamlessly connect to
relevant online content."

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Peter Williams said...

http://kooaba.com/en/products_print.html seem to have had the same idea. As far as I can tell they recognize the whole image rather than the embedded barcode.

Peter Williams said...

Some more implementations are discussed here http://www.shopperculture.com/shopper_culture/2008/08/barcodes-and-ce.html

Tim said...

Recent news from Advertising Age:
Google Halts Print Ads Program

When Print Ads launched, Google executives said they wanted to bring new advertisers to newspapers -- the kind of advertisers that populate its popular search ads system. Google wouldn't comment on the specifics that led to its shutting down Print Ads, but one likely problem is that it's hard to measure the effect of a newspaper ad for clients who had been trained to follow clicks and conversions to justify their spending on search ads.