18 August 2008

Big Players in Digital Signage

Here is a list of companies that supply digital signage, make technology used in digital signage or have related patents or technology. This list is incomplete and somewhat random. It was created in a session of googling

Thomson PRN (France)
Eye Corp owned by a media company, Network 10 Australia
3M (India)
C-nario from Israel
YCD has audience measurement
Scala (USA) Digital Signage software from Scala creates, manages, and distributes electronic content to networks of digital displays that are centrally managed and addressable for targeted information, entertainment, merchandising, and advertising.
Remotemedia (UK) SaaS (Software as a Service) web based Digital Signage Platform enabling 1,000's of companies worldwide across all business sectors to benefit from the power of digital media communication.
TELentice We provide dynamic digital media content management solutions for enterprise-level organizations operating in the in-store retail and “Out-of-Home” setting. TELentice software is currently managing in excess of 10,000 digital displays in retail stores, public transit venues and convenience stores
Stratacache ... distributes digital content to thousands of sites simultaneously. The latest generation of award-winning caching, content acceleration, and application acceleration products by the leader in advanced content and application technology and media distribution.
chyTV equipment distributor
Applica kiosks, digital walls
Synnex equipment distributor
Coraa (USA) Integrator
Magic Boxl (Corvalis, Oregon) integrator
Digital Display Group (Minnesota) integrator
MTI Iinteractive (Portland Oregon)

Tightrope Media Systems (Minnesota) Web software, hardware

AGN|PRO Hardware

TTSS (USA) Hardware

Packet TV/ (USA) Integrator

Wallflower Global.com (NZ) Management software?

Neo Advertising (Europe)
Quividi  interactive with  USB cameras and face tracking.
Dagobert (Europe) Content provider
DeMeedya (Turkey) Owners of Pharmacy Channel.
Screen Technology (UK) Hardware 
MultiQ ( S
Barco (Belgium) Hardware

Factors Driving Industry

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