06 September 2008

Walmart Uses DS-IQ Audience Metrics

Our recent post on Walmart Smart Network was a wrapper for a link to a press release. One line from the press release was

-- Response measurement, learning, and message optimization technologies will be provided by DS-IQ, which supplied analytical insights for the network pilot last year.

In-store markerting is an idea whose time has come. DS-IQ say they provide Comprehensive, near real-time network and campaign performance, including granular category and item sales impact analysis. That seems to be right on target.

http://www.ds-iq.com/company_mgmt.aspx does not seem to be accessible from the DS-IQ main web page.
About us also has a list of DS-IQ executives.

This Newsight report cover this general area. Here is a quote Reactrix's interactive displays, triggered by shoppers' movement; Cinema Scene's video projections through a die-cut of the brand's logo; Intellimat's video-screen floor mats, whose content is controlled remotely via computer. What should marketers consider? "Technologies that offer information and shopping assistance, rather than ad or brand messages," Breen advises. "Systems controlled by retailers rather than third-party suppliers, and systems that shoppers can choose - shelf systems activated by pushing a button, not by a motion detector in the aisle."  Is that last sentence at odds with the approach of Quividi, TruMedia, etc ?

Hub magazine also has a good overview of shopper marketing.

This article gives a simple overview of how to do the math by correlating POS data to digital signage views.

Sean Brown of GO!Network is upbeat on interactive digital signage. He says: The key driver behind adoption will be the ability to provide reliable metrics. The future of the industry will depend on it.

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See also http://www.arbitron.com/portable_people_meters/