25 February 2009

App Store for iPhone, Windows Mobile, Google Android, Nokia, .... Telstra, T-Mobile??!!

Effective distribution and marketing of mobile applications, as pioneered by the iPhone App Store, is a key to driving mobile device application development. All the smart phone platforms seem to have realized this so the applications distribution channels include

  • iPhone App Store, 
  • Android Market, 
  • Windows Mobile 'Skymarket ' apps store (planned for 2009), 
  • Blackberry Application StoreFront (also planned for 2009) and 
  • Nokia’s App Store competitor  (probably 2009) 
Now the mobile carriers are thinking about adding their own Apps Stores. From Australian IT
...Telstra product management executive director Ross Fielding did not actually confirm that the telco would be launching an apps store in the near future, but he confirmed such a move was planned. "Yep, we want to do that," Fielding says. "Our strategy is always to make sure that we invest in our Big Pond asset. You'll start to see some pretty clever stuff happening in devices. I don't know if we'll call it the Telstra apps store, but it'll be one-click, pretty simple to use."
 Mobile app developers already have to deal with app stores segmented fragmented  by platform (iPhone, Android, WM, ...). Segmenting by carrier as well as platform would complicate their lives, but it is hard to tell from the Australian IT article if this is what Telstra intends. Maybe the carrier app stores will be a portal to the platform app stores, or maybe they will out-compete them and replace them. T-Mobile appear to be competing  with the platform app stores.

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