08 February 2009

Face Recognition for Android?

A lot of  smart people end up at Google. Even Hartmut Neven is there. Does that mean that Android will have face recognition, general object recognition and gaze tracking from the phone's camera? It sounds straightforward: upload the picture in the Google computing cloud, analyze it and download the results. No need to run the image recognition locally on the phone the way Neven used to.

What is the face recognition API called? All I can find is the face detector API.

What Other People Are Saying
Did Google Pull a Neven with Enkin? speculates that Google are going to use image recognition as a way for mobile camera phones to interact with the world, in particular by machine-readable codes on printed pages. I surveyed machine readable codes for printed pages in a previous post .

This speculation is interesting because I always thought the killer app for mobiles would be image recognition + machine readable codes on printed pages + OCR + speech recognition + location awareness, along with an engine to deduce useful information from the data . Maybe it's a more obvious idea than I thought. Don't throw out your copy of Duda and Hart!


Shonzilla said...

I was thinking the same thing regarding Enkin. They may have gone into stealth mode or working for Android Developer Challenge part 2. Does anyknow know?

I still wonder if someone used that class from Android SDK.


Peter Williams said...

See New Landmark in Computer Vision. (All that brainpower could not prevent them from punning.)

Hartmut Neven is one of the authors.

This looks like the SIFT work from Google ImageRank that has moved on to a training phase. Naturally it uses ~20 million GPS-tagged photos from picasa.
google.com and panoramio.com
. All that photo tagging gives a great training set.

Peter Williams said...

Take a look at Peter Norvig discussing image search in http://videolectures.net/cikm08_norvig_slatuad/ approx 38 minutes from the start.

The whole video is worth watching for anyone interested in real world machine learning.

Peter Williams said...

Google Similar Images was announced today. Although it seems to be SIFT based it does well on faces.

Matt said...

O'Rielly are hosting a web conference on using pattern recognition, voice recognition and gps, compass and acceleromter inpute from iPhone on Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Peter Williams said...

Link to the O'Reilly conference on using the iPhone sensors.

Peter Williams said...

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/06/01/facial-recognition-google_n_869583.html explains what happened to Google's face recognition effort.