27 October 2009

My Time in Sweden

I lived in Sweden from 1988 to 1991. Here is a map which showed where I lived in Stortorget in Gamla Stan in Stockholm.

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I lived in the red building in the two left photos below which are taken from Stortorget. The photo on the right is of the same building taken from Kåkbrinken, the alley to the left the red building.

The photo on the left below is the main street in Gamla Stan and the photo on the centr is of the Grand Hotel as seen from the shore of Gamla Stan and the photo on the right is Karloniska Hospital where I worked.

After I left Stockholm I moved to Umeå which is shown on the left below. When I lived there I used to visit Vaasa in Finland shown on the right.

When I lived in Sweden I took vacations in Norway including Lofoten on the left and Tromsø in the centre of the row of photos below. I also took the Hurtigruten

Photo Credits
Milton CJ
StortTorget - Gamla Stan Originally uploaded by Roberto1956
Gamla Stan Originally uploaded by L e n o r a
Downtown Gamla Stan Originally uploaded by calvaryzone
2007_0331finlandsweden0120 Originally uploaded by Arend 
Karolinska Hospital park on a sunny morning Originally uploaded by tove!
Lofoten ... fjord panorama (HDR) Originally uploaded by nigel_xf
From our hotel window - taken at midday (that's the moon!) Originally uploaded by Squiz1210 (probably back in January 09!)
Hurtigruten Originally uploaded by klutts
 Vaasa in december 1 Originally uploaded by Foide
djurgarden Originally uploaded by daniel dssd

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