27 July 2008

Dynamic Advertisement Provisioning for Digital Signage

Detecting advertisement viewers' demographic by analyzing their faces Recent articles from Random Ramblings.. and NY Times discuss how two companies TruMedia and Quividi, have systems that measure things about people who look at billboards, such as age, gender and demeanor and change the ads being displayed based on this. These two companies do this by installing cameras on the billboards and using face recognition tecbniques to provide the age, gender and other information.

Examples of these and other image recognition based audience measurement systems are 

Dynamic Advertisement Provisioning
Digital Signage Association calls the above technology  Dynamic Advertisement Provisioning. Here is a quote from the associationDynamic ad provisioning from facial recognition suggests an entirely new revenue model from better message targeting,” Bunn said. “In this revenue model, content is developed for locations where targeted viewers are expected. The content is placed in storage on the media player at that location for playout when triggered (rather than simply placing the ad into a playloop).”

The full Bunn article refered to in the previous paragraph is here.

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Anonymous said...

See also http://www.intelligent-earth.com/products/products_virtual_window.php , http://www.intelligent-earth.com/products/products_intelligent_advertising.php , etc

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See also http://www.gesturetek.com/

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Philllips are in this business too


No name said...

http://www.dailydooh.com/archives/1964 is an article on the impact of the NY Times article on the digital signage industry

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had a related article but with the YCD technology.
The company powering the screens for Dunkin', YCD Multimedia, is in the midst of deploying facial-recognition technologies that can classify people into certain demographic groups by identifying their approximate age and their sex.

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Here is an article on the Reactrix interactive display.

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See also Artificial Intelligence for Digital Signage from Digital Signage blog.

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See also

Steve said...

http://www.catalinamarketing.com take a slightly more traditional approach to this

George said...

Daily DOOH has a new list of digital signage companies http://www.dailydooh.com/archives/5158