24 July 2008

New Facebook Apps Architecture. New Opportunities to Monetize Social Networking?

Tech Crunch posts on facebook's new three tier app system and developers' need for certainty about the app platform.

I put foward some ideas for facebook apps in this post but I never got around to finishing my "How Long Are You Going to Stay Married" facebook app. This company beat me (and people who could actually carry this out) to it on using images for matching people but maybe there is a way to predict the length of marriage as a function of appearance, or people may want to know how likely their potential partners are to end up in jail .

You may be asking "Why predict what people will need? Why not just let them choose?". The reason is that in some cases it is difficult to do so. To para-phrase the Rolling Stones, You don't always know what you want but sometimes you just might find you can deduce what you need. Wikipedia's list of cognitive biases (and the related cognitive bias) enumerates some of the barriers to us understanding the world around us. The relatively straightforward objective measurements and statistical analyses proposed above and in the previous post can help people overcome these biases. Don't let Dunning Kruger effect stop you from exploring this!


Peter Williams said...

Sandy Pentland has a project on deducing what people want from data:
http://web.media.mit.edu/~sandy/TR-590.pdf By building machines that understand social signaling and social context, technologists can dramatically improve collective decision making and help keep remote users in the loop.

Peter Williams said...

More serious work on this subject from MIT: http://web.media.mit.edu/~hugo/publications/papers/BP2005-hugo-interestmap.pdf

Kevin said...

Check this out
Could this be used to monetize social search? It indirectly addresses the complexity problem.