27 October 2008

iTRI Audience Measurement Demo from TruMedia. $9.95/month

Thee iTRI Audience Measurement Solution can be downloaded from www.tru-media.com. It costs for $9.95 per month.

According to the TruMedia webpage it has a decent feature set and works with some common available web cams.
  • Audience Measurement: iTRI can generate up to 12 hours of audience data at a time.

  • Content Based Reporting: Demonstrates TruMedia´s content based reporting capabilities using pre-loaded fixed ads.

  • Proactive Merchandising: Demonstrates content targeting to viewers based on audience size using pre-loaded fixed ads.  

  • Recommended camera iTRI works with any standard USB camera. Web cam must support at least one resolution below 900*800 (width*height). If you do not already have a camera, we recommend that you purchase the Logitec QuickCam PRO 9000 or the Philips Webcam SPC 1000NC series
    Required installed software .Net framework. PDF viewer. Windows Media Player 11. Latest video Codec (recommended pack - http://www.free-codecs.com/XP_Codec_Pack_download.htm)

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    Adam said...

    TruMedia's shift in technology towards a software based Digital Signage Audience Measurement Solution will pay dividends to the organization.

    Matt said...

    This is a smaller component, an eye
    . There seems to be some activity at the low cost end of the "biometrics for everyday business" market.

    Ian said...

    Digital Signage appears to be on an upwards trajectory so the firms that are equippped to survive should do well.

    Peter Williams said...

    This company also has a $9.99/month offer http://screenscape.net/welcome/?gclid=CLa5q6arlpcCFSAUagodJ380ow