28 December 2008

Mobile Phone Apps

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In a previous post I discussed mobile phone APIs>. In this post I will look at the most promising classes of mobile phone apps.

Mobile Barcodes

Mobile Barcodes Background

Android Zxing

2D Barcode Reading Apps
Neo Media Neo Media Patents
Apps that Use Barcode Readers

Mobile Phone Ticketing
Biometrics based authentication
Mobile Phone Video
Capture Cam from Richmond, VIC, Australia
Japanese mobile phone users are doing Live Video feed via Piconet

Mobile Advertising
Dream Eye Media from Australia
Services Companies
New Media Studios Entertainment. An infrastructure provider & content aggregator of demographic specific new media content. It has two current content related initiatives CiVision and emtyspace.
Mo-Style mobile portal and community.

Further Reading
Top 10 Android Apps in 2008

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Phil said...

http://www.deviceanywhere.com/ looks very useful:

A revolutionary solution providing instant remote access to more than 1500 real devices in live global networks, DeviceAnywhere empowers mobile application and content developers to create better, higher-quality content faster than ever before.

Utilize our global bank of handsets to develop, deploy, test and QA your mobile content. Our mobile handset bank includes devices stationed in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Japan, and our agnostic platform hosts a diverse portfolio of carriers and manufacturers from around the world.

For customers who require devices at unique locations not currently supported by DeviceAnywhere, who desire a system secured inside their companies firewalls, or who otherwise want a fully contained, separate system exclusively available to a select group of users, we can deploy a stand-alone DeviceAnywhere installation