16 January 2009

Impressive Australian Digital Signage Company

Nice article from DailyDOOH  on Brian Craighead, CEO of Prime Digital Media. Here are some excerpts:

QR codes have added a new dimension to the PDM networks. There is no barrier to entry, the technology is opt-in and there is no cost for the advertiser or the user. It works by the consumer using a camera phone that has been equipped with the reader software, scanning the image of the QR barcode causing the phone’s browser to either launch and redirect to a programmed URL, text message, or phone number at no cost to the mobile phone user or the advertiser.
From our perspective, 3D TV – screen technology which provides a 3D image without the need to wear glasses – is simply another evolution in the DOOH experience. There are times when our audience will engage with our content in small ‘snackable’ glances, and there are other times when we want to stop them in their tracks. 3D TV, along with interactive surfaces and other dramatic installations have great visual impact – as long as the content is good enough.

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