16 January 2009

Online Source Control Service

SVN repository is a great idea for very small development teams and individual developers.

$4/month for 500 MB.

See also CVSDude : This press release says

CVSDude(TM), Inc. -- a pioneer in Subversion(TM) hosting and source code control services -- today announced a wide-ranging series of strategic initiatives and financial milestones that further solidify its worldwide leadership position in these markets. Serving nearly 3,000 customers worldwide with tens of thousands of dedicated users -- 2/3 of these located in North America -- and all supported via http://cvsdude.com.
In addition, despite the worldwide recession, CVSDude also experienced its best revenue month ever in 6 years of business in January of 2009. This is a testament to the strength and robustness of the company's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model, as customers seek to maximize the value of their worldwide programming teams and minimize their upfront capital costs in difficult times.
CVSDude remains a primarily founder and employee-owned company, and took an Angel round of investment in late 2008 to help finance the move to the US. To further grow the company and its customer base, CVSDude has made the strategic acquisition of a competitor, found at http://www.sharpforge.com , sharpforge.org, and projxpert.com. As of March 2009, the CVSDude group of companies will look after clients and users of these sites.

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